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The following is a transcript from the AOL chat on 17th March, 1999.

OnlineHost: AOL's Entertainment Asylum Music proudly welcomes Irish sensation The Corrs. The group (consisting of three sisters and a brother) will be chatting about their album, "Talk on Corners: Special Edition."

Question: I saw you on both the Today Show and Rosie. You are all wonderful. Irish music is the most uplifting music to me. Is it hard to travel and work with your siblings?

EATheCorrs: Jim: Thank you for that. We really enjoyed doing both of those shows. Being on the road with your family can be viewed as a nightmare situation for a lot of people but thankfully we get along very well most of the time, but like any normal family we have our times.

Question: Love your music! What part of Ireland are you from?

EATheCorrs: Jim: We're from a place from Dundalk. It's on the East Coast of Ireland in between Dublin and Belfast.

Question: What was the coolest thing that happened to you on the Stones tour?

EATheCorrs: Jim: The coolest thing for some of the band was being invited up to Keith's room for some drinks after the show! I was in my bed asleep, so I was raging that I missed it. Andrea and Keith were up and had a great time partying late!

Question: What is the origin of your very cool instrument, the Bodhran?

EATheCorrs: Jim: It's made of goatskin. It's an old Celtic percussion instrument.

Question: I first saw you perform at the Brit. Awards at around 2am, and I fell in love with your music. The next day I went right out and bought your CD. I have listened to it nonstop. You guys are awesome!

EATheCorrs: Jim: Thank you very much.

Question: Jim, how do you keep the guys in line around your three gorgeous sisters?

EATheCorrs: Jim: LOL, they are very strong Irish girls personality wise so they're very capable of looking out for themselves.

Question: Do you miss being away from home? Oh and by the way you guys rock!

EATheCorrs: Jim: Yes, we do, but we notice when we get some time off, and it's over two or three weeks, we're hungry to get back on the road again.

Question: Hi Andrea. Do you hope to do more film roles?

EATheCorrs: Jim: Yes, offers are coming in all the time, but our focus is heavily on The Corrs and achieving greater success worldwide. Anything is possible in the future!

Question: Yes, I just wanted to know if Jim has a girlfriend? When is your next appearance?

EATheCorrs: Jim: No. I don't have a girlfriend. I'm still searching. As for the next appearance, we haven't scheduled a date yet for the Jay Leno show, but that will probably be our next appearance.

Question: Have you guys been having a great time here in the states? Have you been anywhere special?

EATheCorrs: Jim: We have been having a super time, but it's a little bit frustrating for us that we don't get to explore more of this beautiful country. We would particularly like to see more of Colorado.

Question: How did the success of Irish artists such as U2 and Sinead affect the music scene in Ireland?

EATheCorrs: Jim: It has turned the Irish music scene into an extremely healthy scene. It means the record companies give Irish bands a second listen and generally give them the benefit of the doubt.

Question: How long have you been a band?

EATheCorrs: Jim: We've been a band over nine years.

Question: What was the name of the Corrs first song in the United States?

EATheCorrs: Jim: The very first song that was released in the United States was Runaway.

Question: Who were your musical influences growing up?

EATheCorrs: Jim: We listened to everything from the Eagles to Genesis, the Police, Crowded House and an awful lot of classical music. In fact, we will listen to anything that is melodic.

Question: If you guys could choose any band you'd like to tour with, who would you pick, and why?

EATheCorrs: Jim: I think we've just realized a dream having toured with the Rolling Stones.

Question: Do you have any relatives in America? My maiden name of my mother is Corr. Her grandmother was from Ireland.

EATheCorrs: Jim: Yes, we do have relatives in America. We have relatives based in Chicago as well as relatives in Australia.

Question: How has your career changed your life?

EATheCorrs: Jim: I think like with any career, if you make a success of it and work extremely hard, it can be personally fulfilling and it helps you to grow as a person.

Question: What are your plans for a next record?

EATheCorrs: Jim: The plan is to start the album in the beginning of May. We'll start writing and recording the album in the beginning of May.

Question: Where can I find out more about the band?

EATheCorrs: Jim: Surf the Internet. There are loads of sites relating to us. Sometimes when I need to check my schedule I surf the net just to see where I'm going to be because the information seems to be fairly accurate.

Question: Who writes most of your songs?

EATheCorrs: Jim: We all write. It just depends on who's most inspired at the moment.

Question: Where do you get your great clothes?

EATheCorrs: Jim: We have various different stylists that go out to choose clothes for us and then we pick the clothes we like from their choices. We don't have time to shop.

Question: My daughters Erica and Melissa like The Corrs. They want to know why did you decide to form a band?

EATheCorrs: Jim: We all have a deep love of music, and also, our parents used to have a band. That inspired us to go in the musical career direction.

Question: What are some embarrassing moments at some concerts?

EATheCorrs: Jim: One of the most embarrassing moments for me was when I started to play my solo piece and nothing was going right. I was nervous, and I started to make mistakes.

Question: Hey! I saw you guys on Saturday Night Live. You were cool!

EATheCorrs: Jim: Thank you very much. We appreciate that. It was great fun, although a little nerve wracking.

Question: Do you talk online with your fans?

EATheCorrs: Jim: I have talked online once before from a chat and unfortunately there are people impersonating me. I think I convinced the people who I was through a girl called Rachel in Australia.

Question: Who are your favorite artists?

EATheCorrs: Jim: The Police, Crowded House, Dogstar, Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, etc.

Question: Hey ladies and gentleman, how has the press and all the publicity affected your daily lives?

EATheCorrs: Jim: Thankfully we've been treated very well by the media so far, and we hope it continues that way. The press attention that we've received has been all very good

Question: What do you girls fight about? Men?

EATheCorrs: Caroline: No, we don't. We never fight about men because we don't have the same taste in guys, which we're lucky for. The only thing we ever fought about was when we were younger. We don't fight anymore.

Question: Caroline, I just wanted to know who is your favorite drummer?

EATheCorrs: I love Ringo Starr.

Question: Were you models?

EATheCorrs: Caroline: LOL! No, we're too short! We're not even near 5'5" so we wouldn't be models.

Question: Caroline, I think you're really pretty, and I think you guys should make a cameo in a movie. Would you guys do it if offered?

EATheCorrs: Caroline: Certainly we would think about it, and if there was a movie that was good and we thought was worthwhile, but our musical career is taking up all the time right now.

Question: What's it like to play a Fleetwood Mac song? I loved you at Mixfest in Boston by the way!

EATheCorrs: It's a big hit in Europe and we love it!

Question: Where do you plan to go for this summer?

EATheCorrs: Caroline: April is probably the only time we'll get summer holidays. Then we'll be back doing the third album.

Caroline: It is my birthday! Thanks for all the birthday greetings and cards.

Question: Caroline, I am always in awe when I hear you perform. I have this certain respect for female musicians, and you happen to rock!

EATheCorrs: Caroline: Oh, thanks very much! LOL! That's brilliant! That's a great compliment!

Question: Happy Birthday Caroline! When are you going to do to celebrate?

EATheCorrs: Caroline: Oh, I haven't been able to celebrate yet, but I'm planning on hopefully some champagne with everybody after the gig. I'll probably celebrate for myself tomorrow because I'll have more time off.

Question: Caroline, do you use a click live? You sounded great at the Royal Albert Hall gig last year! Best Wishes!

EATheCorrs: Caroline: Yeah, I do for some songs, but some of the more Irish traditional ones I don't use click at all. It depends on the song.

Question: Do you type with your fans online? EATheCorrs: Caroline: No, but I have looked through all of the sites a couple of times just to see what was there, and just to see who was setting up sites. I wrote a note to one of the sites before. I forget her name now, but it was the first site that I saw and I wrote a nice message.

Question: Caroline, what was it like for you to be on Total Request Live?

EATheCorrs: Caroline: It was great. We just basically were in a bit of a rush because we had a sound check after. We went in and basically talked for a little bit about the Saturday Night Live gig and playing with the Rolling Stones. It was very good but very quick.

Question: Are you or your sisters still single?

EATheCorrs: Caroline: Single as in not married, but two of us do have boyfriends. I'm sorry!

Question: How old were you when you began in the band?

EATheCorrs: Caroline: I was 16 or 17. Andrea was 16, I think.

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