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27th November, 1998. Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona

They appeared from a cloud of smoke and started with the well known "Only when I sleep". From the begining there weren't any tecnical problems. After the gorgeous applause of all the people they proceded with "No good for me" where Andrea showed us her skills as leading vocal. After that begining, Sharon performed "Erin Shore ( Traditional Intro )". I know it was a short piece but Sharon's violin solo made me fly. And of course, after "Erin Shore"-> "Forgiven, Not Forgotten". And then, another fantastic solo of Sharon "The Mistrel Boy" That sounded like in the concert they made this summer in Spain.. And then, what time is it??? Yes! It is "The Right Time". After that: "Hopelessly Addicted", "What Can I Do" and... "Runaway". In runaway Jim said that there has a problem ( a joke ). Then something happened: Caroline was the one that was in the Keyboard???. Then, "Haste of Wedding" ( the second part ) where Caroline used the B¢dhran, of course, but or the B¢dhran was a new one or the famous drawing of the instrument was covered with a new and completly white layer. Jim made then a duo with her with his acustic guitar. After Carline's B¢dhran solo, Sharon's violin solo didn't start at all!!!. Jim let the music go on and then gave a signal to Sharon to begin with her solo. These are the things that make them be humans. Then they performed "Dreams", "Queen of Hollywood" ( the song that gives the second album its name ) and "Secret Life". It was then when Jim told that we where a "Fantastic audience". It's nice to hear that. Because of that fantastic combination of music all the public was in love with them, they told us "I never Loved you Anyway" where like in other concerts Caroline performed a little solo of drums and Anto showed us also his skills with his electrical guitar. After that, they left the stage. But the public ( and I ) continued with their applause. And... They returned!!! At this point they performed something I've never heard. I understood that it was a version of a song on Prince. it could be... It was nice because there were passages of this song that where sang only by Andrea, other only by Sharon and others ONLY by Jim!!!. Fantastic. After that new song they performed... my favorite song: "So Young"!!!. It was there where they introduced each member of the band. After "So Young" they finished with "Toss The Feathers" where Sharon and Andrea made the usual solos of Drums and tin whistle. A perfect end. It was a really good concert ( my second life one ).

Cristian Mattis