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The Corrs were all born in the town of Dundalk which is situated just south of the border of Northern Ireland and 50 miles north of Dublin. Jim was born in July 1968, Sharon in March 1970, Caroline in March 1973 ans lastly Andrea in May 1974. Their parents were musical so it was only natural that they should follow in their footsteps. The band formed in 1990 and have not looked back since. Their big break came when John Hghes started to look for musicians to take part in Alan Parker's film, The Commitments. Following this break, the Corrs travelled to America and were signed by Atlantic Records. Their first album, 'Forgiven Not Forgotten' was extremely popular and went gold in Canada and Australia, Platinum in Denmark and four times platinum in Ireland. Their second album, 'Talk on Corners' is just as popular, if not more!

The Corrs have also appeared in the new years episode of 'Beverly Hills 90210' and Andrea even had a small part in the Hollywood film, 'Evita' starring Madonna!