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Music links.....

The Home of Catatonia:
The Official Sheryl Crow site:
The Verve:
Shawn Colvin: An official site from Sony
Paula Cole: An official Warner Brothers site
Grease: soundtrack:
CD Ireland The best in Irish music
ABBA from Polygram Records
The Less than Unofficial Ash Page
Ellie K's Ronan Page

Sport links....

F1 - ITV:
Formula One Red Hot Links:
UK Surfing Index:
Swim 2000:

Television/film/celebrity links....

The official Touched by an Angel site:
The Official John Dye site:
Official UK X-Files site:
The X-Files index:
NBC: Friends:
Friends Cafe:
Fox: Ally McBeal:
Absolute Ally:
The ER Shrine:

Various other links....

Dolphin Research Institute:
Virtual Vegas:
Greenpeace International:
Montemar Appartements: This is where I stayed in Ibiza last year!
Coaster Kingdom:
Homepage of Marcus and Kelly: