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I'm the one in the hat!!

About   me......

Hi! Well, if you came to this page you are probably wanting to know more about me (I have no idea why, but I will tell you anyway!!)

I am 19 years old, I live in the north of England where I am studying Business Information Technology at university. I also work in a pharmacy on a weekend which is about as exciting as it sounds!! No - it isn't that bad! Newcastle (which is the nearest big city to where I live) is a good place for pubs and clubs, not that I drink of course . . . . . . (yeah, right!) and I enjoy going out there with my friends.

I love music, especially The Corrs (obviously!!) and anything else that sounds good!! Including, The Verve, Space, Babel Fish (check out my other site Babel Fish UK), U2, Catatonia, Boyzone, Stereophonics, Westlife, The Barenaked Ladies etc etc etc!!
I like to watch Formula One - my favourite drivers are Eddie Irvine and David Coulthard. However, in my opinion, one of the all time greatest drivers was Ayrton Senna. A sport I like to participate in is swimming.

My other interests include reading (mainly Jostein Gaarder books which are kind of bizzarre philisophical type of books!) and I have also completed a course in Aromatherapy. When I have nothing to do (which recently seems to be quite a rare occasion recently!) I like to just lie back and watch television. My favourite programmes include, Touched By An Angel, Friends, ER, The X Files, The Simpsons, South Park, Ally McBeal etc. Oooh....and I like to play on my Playstation too!! I have two things that I would like to have done in my life. The first is to swim with dolphins in the wild (such beautiful creatures) as I think that would be such an incredible experience. The second is to have travelled the world (and I mean the WHOLE world!) My favourite places i have been to so far are Norway and Ibiza (very cool!)

Anyway - that's enough about me - enjoy the rest of the page!!
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