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Of Corrs! It's Ireland's most beautiful girl singer . . .

She's just 24, but Andrea Corr's group has already sold five million albums, she's been hailed the sexiest woman in Ireland and starred in Evita with Maddonna. But fame has not gone to her head. "I've been very lucky, but I've made the opportunitys happen for me through good old-fashioned hard work."

The Corrs (Andrea, with her brother and two sisters) were formed in the eighties when director Alan Parker was auditioning for The Commitments. All four Corrs children landed roles, but Andrea bagged a speaking part. "I played a sarcastic, gobshite sister," she laughs now, but Parker remembered her when he cast Evita.

"He offered me the part of Juan Peron's mistress. It wasn't a big role, but Maddonna had to haul me out of bed!"

So does Ireland's sexiest woman have to beat back the men? "I find all that stuff really embarrassing," she says, "I see myself more awkward than sexy. I'm very shy and haven' had a boyfriend for two and a half years," she reveals.

"It's not very fashionable, but I don't believe a woman can be truly satisfied when she says, 'It's the Nineties, I can be like a guy, sleep with whoever, move on and not give a damn.' To me love-making is too sacred to be flippant about. I think most women feel that way in their hearts."