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17th July, 1999. Landsdowne Road, Dublin.

WOW :)

I've just flown back from Dublin after the best holiday of my life to date. If you weren't at the concert then you should be kicking yourself right about now because it was absolutely incredible :) The stadium was almost packed out and the atmosphere was electric. I managed to get into the fourth row back from the front and could see them really clearly. If you were there, you may have seen me jumping up and down and clapping like a lunatic. I was to the right of centre and wearing a checkedgreen shirt.

The music of course was simply excellent but I guess you've guessed that already. Most of the people around me and I were singing along at the top of our voices. Jim's solo went nearly perfect, couple of wrong notes but was very well covered. Caroline and Sharon singing No Frontiers went well, it was very nice to hear them sing.

I very very nearly got the first whistle Andrea threw out. I chose the worst possible time to look the other way and felt it hit my hand. It was gone before I had time to turn my head :( Bloke in front got it. Also I saw the security people pocket another, talk about annoying.

One other thing, some idiot wrote insulting stuff about Andrea on an Irish flag (won't say what, you may have seen it.) She saw it and didn't look pleased. Later she got hold of it (security I guess) and threw it down onto the stage with the camera track. We didn't know what it was then and asked one of the St. John Ambulance guys to fetch it. My matehas it.

Anyway, that was oh so great and I really want to see them again as soon as possible.

PS. I got a touch of that football, where did it come from?

PPS. I now love Ireland for their food as well. If you want some great food goto Flanagan's on Upper O'Connell Street (they didn't pay me to say that :) .)

PPPS. WRT the play list below, didn't they play a few songs between the two parts of Haste to the Wedding? I may be wrong on that.

PPPPS. Free bears???? :)

Peter Spikings