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This is the transcript from the Yahoo chat on 10th June, 1998.

TVGEN: Welcome to the TVGEN/Yahoo! Chat Auditorium. Our guests tonight are The Corrs. With their unique blend of contemporary and traditional Irish music, The Corrs have established themselves as true originals. Their long-awaited new CD, Talk on Corners, has already logged sales of 1.1 million worldwide, and is still going strong with tracks like the dramatic Only When I Sleep or the harmony-laden first single, Dreams (which also appears on Legacy: a Tribute to Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours").

The Corrs: We're delighted to have the opportunity to do this because on the road we've been asked a lot of questions that we were supposed to respond to via the Internet, and now, thankfully, this is the opportunity to do it!

SRT3: Hello, I am a big fan of yours. You sing very beautiful ballads. What artists do you like and who are your influences?

The Corrs: We love everything, that is, a lot of contemporary stuff, Jewel, we like Alanis Morrissette, we like Oasis, we like, from years ago, the Police, Sharon is a big fan of Crowded House. We like Prefab Sproat. And also a lot of traditional Irish music and also classical music.

Emma_Rose_BSB: Which county in Ireland are you originally from?

The Corrs: We are from County Louth. And it's bang in between Belfast and Dublin on the east coast of Ireland.

Jeff_Koid: Do you find that your music influences a lot of up-and-coming Celtic/pop/rock bands? And what is your advice to a wannabe musician?

The Corrs: I think that we're absolutely delighted about the response that the world has given to Irish music in general, particularly what has been done by the likes of River Dance, etc. It never ceases to amaze us that our music can go down so well in the likes of Japan and Malaysia, etc. Advice - recognise your limitations, and have the power and focus to overcome all the inevitable obstacles that will come your way.

BloodveinGirl: How old are you all?

The Corrs: Sharon is 28. Jim is 33. Caroline is 25. Andrea is 24.

SRT3: How was it playing your music in one of the episodes of Beverley Hills, 90210?

The Corrs: It was very enjoyable. Jason Priestly in fact came to us at 7:00 a.m. with some Canadian beers. And I said to him, "I know we're Irish, Jason, and Irish people are supposed to drink a lot, but it's 7:00 a.m.!!"

Emma_Rose_BSB: Hi! Does your new album have any similarities to or differences from the first album?

Andrea: I would say that it does, in the sense that the writing on this latest album was influenced from the live playing of the previous album, Forgiven Not Forgotten. Also, on this album we co wrote with a couple of very good writers, like Glen Ballard and Carole Bayer Sager, which helped to broaden our sound a little bit.

Elharan: Are you aware of your huge Internet fan base? And if so, do you listen to any of it?

Jim: I will very shortly be getting a laptop computer which will enable me to hook up as often as possible. I am aware from a lot of people telling me about the growth of Corrs-related sites, and I'm delighted that there are so many.

Seamus2759: Do the Corrs have a web page to check out their music online, maybe with Realaudio?

Jim: The unofficial web site, Atlantic web site, seemingly, has got portions of audio. But at the moment, we are contemplating the development of a dedicated fanzine site which would be operated out of our hometown, Dundalk, probably.

Lorac84: How did you get started?

Caroline: The very first time that we performed onstage together was when we auditioned for the film The Commitments in Dublin. That was also where we made the decision that a friend of mine called John Hughes would manage us.

Rhino_Corrs_Fan: Will the band be doing any radio/TV promos in the Washington D.C. area??

Sharon: We intend to do as much promotion across America as possible. This is currently being devised by the record company.

Elsa_20: Hi guys. When are you gonna do concerts in Texas?

Andrea: We hope to do an extensive tour of America. We are doing a couple of Fleadh's, Irish festivals, in New York, San Francisco and Chicago in the near future. In fact, New York is happening on Sunday.

_MrWeb_: When are you coming to Sweden ?

Jim: Hopefully very soon, because Sweden is a beautiful country and we love going there. We've played Gottenberg, Stockholm and Ostersund. Don't know when we'll be back, but hope it's soon.

The Corrs: The information that is circulating on the Internet I have noticed is sometimes way ahead of what the band knows themselves! So keep referring to the Internet to know when the band is playing where.

SNEAKERPIMP_s: Hi! Andrea, Caroline, Sharon, Jim! Are you guys coming back to Malaysia for a full-blown concert?

Jim: We would love to come back. Malaysia has already given us a platinum record. We are delighted we've gone to No. 1 there. And we haven't got definite plans yet, but hopefully in the not-too-distant future we will be able to return and play some concerts.

Emma_Rose_BSB: What's it like working together as a family? Do you ever fight or are you always cool with each other?

Caroline: Of course we fight! We are like any normal family. Though this is slightly different, in that a family normally doesn't spend 16 hours a day, seven days a week together. So there can be friction from time to time. But we try to be as professional as possible.

The Corrs: Thankfully, we do get on well most of the time.

FunNSweet25: You all sound so beautiful together. Have any of you ever thought of going off on your own as solo artists?

Andrea: We think that it is the sum of the parts that is the strongest. In other words, the team. As individuals I don't think we would have the same strength. We love this project involving our family and hope to continue with it as long as we are happy and as long as we are making other people happy.

Estevan_98: Was there anything you would've liked to have done as a career if you didn't become musicians?

Sharon: Probably not. Music was definitely the first love, our first love, growing up in a very musical household. We did toy with other things.

The Corrs: Jim liked electronics. Andrea was thinking about going on to university, but thankfully none of us pursued anything else because we were very much drawn towards the music.

Elharan: Where do you see yourselves progressing in the future, mostly the next album?

Jim: We are continuing thankfully to grow across the world. Our profile is such that now we got to perform with Pavarotti last night, along with Celine Dion, the Spice Girls, Natalie Cole and Stevie Wonder, which was a great honor.

The Corrs: And we want to continue in this way for some time, and then commence the third album hopefully early next year.

Auscorr: What was Pavarotti like to perform with?

Caroline: It was quite a daunting task to have to stand there with The Maestro, as he's known, and sing an Italian song with him. But we did it and we think we pulled it off. He was very relaxing to be with and the energy that his voice has when you are standing beside him cannot be fully appreciated via television.

The Corrs:: It was a great experience.

Emma_Rose_BSB: Do you consider yourselves international singing superstars?

Jim: LOL! Ha, ha. I don't think we're quite at that level yet but we're working at it.

Elharan: What's your favourite song that you perform?

Sharon: It is generally the most recent one that we've written, or the newest addition to the set. Because obviously one tends to get a little bit sick of playing the same songs all the time.

Tober98: How do you feel about touring? What is the best part?

Caroline: You know, there are so many facets to this business. That we love everything within it. For instance, one moment you're shooting a video, the next you are playing live on the stage in front of thousands of people, or doing a photo shoot, etc., etc.

The Corrs: So you never get bored doing the same thing for too long of a time. But I would have to say that the live touring is a very enjoyable part of it because you experience direct feedback from the people that buy your records.

Jim: Sorry about the delay, we're having a computer glitch, be back in a second, I hope!

TVGEN: We'll be back on in one second. We were experiencing computer difficulties but we're about to be up and running. The whole gang is standing by, ready for more of your questions!

Jim: In the meantime, I'd like to let you know that there will be a Corrs Live At the Albert Hall video coming out. Also there should be a documentary released soon that has got footage of us going back nine years, till the present day.

Schuey9495: This is a question for the ladies(sorry Jim!!), but are you married or dating? 'cos I was just wandering whether I still had a chance?

Sharon: I've got a boyfriend and so has Caroline, but Jim and Andrea are still looking.

Elharan: You've performed with Rod Stewart, Pavarotti, etc. Who else would you really love to do a song with?

Jim: I loved Karen Carpenter's voice, I would have loved to do something with her, but sadly it's impossible. But I would love the opportunity to do some work with Sting.

The Corrs: But we did have the opportunity to work with some legends, the Chieftains, on a song called "Little Wing" which is on Talk on Corners.

Emma_Rose_BSB: Was it hard for you to get your Big Break?

Andrea: Yes, it was very hard initially. We kept getting turned down by record companies. And the ones that did offer a deal were not sufficient financially to launch us on an international level. So thankfully we held out and eventually signed to Atlantic Records in New York.

Wizzu: What happened to the song "Make You Mine"? It was featured in the documentary.

Caroline: That is a song which we like a lot but has temporarily been shelved because we felt that our other material was stronger.

Marty1tc: Are you ever thinking of an instrumental album? The other fans would agree with me to hear at least as many instrumental songs as on Forgiven because they are absolutely brilliant.

Jim: We would love at some stage to score a film. Which would involve doing a lot of instrumentals. But that is quite a bit down the line as we are very much caught up in promoting and touring Talk on Corners.

Irishtipper: Caroline, I'm your biggest fan!! What age did you start learning the drums?

Caroline: My ex-boyfriend had a drum kit. This was about four or five years ago. And he taught me a few rhythms. And I mentioned it to Jim, Sharon and Andrea and they came around to hear me at his house and were very surprised that I could play.

The Corrs: Then I kept practicing and learned the loops off drum-loop CD's. And eventually became good enough to play in the band.

Elsa_20: Hi, I loved your new album, Talk on Corners. Why doesn't Sharon have many violin solos?

Sharon: We try to incorporate traditional violin solos wherever we can, but not all songs lend themselves to traditional flavourings. So we sometimes have to leave it out.

Murcutio98: Will you ever re-release old tracks, like "Runaway" now you have found new popularity?

Caroline: It is always a possibility that we'll re-release old tracks. We have got a brand new mix of "What Can I Do" which was remixed by TinTin Out, and will hopefully be released worldwide again, as we feel this is a very strong song.

The Corrs: Hopefully as strong as "Dreams".

Elharan: Did you choose to cover "Dreams," or was it out of your hands?

Jim: It was suggested by our record company that we contribute to the Fleetwood Mac tribute album, and they suggested "Dreams," and we went for it, thinking it was a great idea.

CorrUped: What do you like to do after you finish a performance?

Sharon: It takes us quite a while to calm down. We generally do a postmortem on the gig. In other words, we become a little bit self-critical, discussing the positives and negatives of our own performance.

The Corrs: All in a constructive effort to better ourselves. And sometimes we will have a couple of beers and then head back to the hotel, or on to the next destination.

CorrsFanFromOz: Jim, I hear you got asked to sign a bootleg recording. What are your opinions on bootlegs, considering that only devoted fans who already own EVERY official recording are the usually the ones who buy them.......?

Jim:: Piracy as a whole can harm the record business. It takes hard-earned money out of the pockets of the songwriters and musicians. I would sign anything for a fan, I'm happy to do so. But I cannot condone the purchasing of items that are pirated.

Elharan: Who would play you in a movie about the Corrs? ("Rebels without Corrs" we could call it. Urrrr.)

Andrea: We haven't got a clue. It would be a tough job we imagine for any casting director. Who knows?

Dexymidnight: Were you disappointed that "Forgiven" didn't do better on the U.S. charts? As a radio programmer, it caught my ear and I added it in an Adult Contemporary format, and I noticed that not too many of my programming brethren followed suit.

The Corrs: Having sold close on half a million records in the States, we are very happy with that as a start. We would like to do an awful lot better, and intend to do it with Talk on Corners.

LadyElizabethBathory: Do you ever step back and get surprised at how successful you have been?

Andrea: We did anticipate success, to be honest. Because we were very determined to gain it. Because we loved our own music, we wanted other people to love it too.

The Corrs: I don't think we anticipated the level of success that we've had and are very thankful for it.

CorrUped: Jim, I recall seeing you at the U2 Popmart concert, what did you think and when do you think the Corrs will be playing on a similar scale?

Jim: That was my first time seeing U2 live in concert, and I have to say that I loved it. They worked tremendously hard over the years to gain the success that they have now, and I really hope that we can gain a similar success in time.

DIJGS: For all of you, in three words...what is your outlook on life?

The Corrs: Positivity, compassion and empathy.

DIJGS: Each one, what is your favourite thing that you can't live without?

Andrea: My thumb.

Caroline: My phone.

Sharon: My coffee.

Jim: My guitar.

Rhino_Corrs_Fan: When will you do release a "Live" CD?

Jim: There was a live CD from Llanglands in Denmark released in certain territories. And should be available on import. As we said earlier, we recorded a live concert at the Albert Hall with Mick Fleetwood participating on some numbers. It will be released as a video, and hopefully also as a CD.

Elharan: Are you planning to chat on the Internet again soon?

The Corrs: Yes. We find this a very enjoyable experience. Thanks to everybody for tuning in! Thanks to everybody for all your support over our past two albums.

We hope that we can return very soon to all of those territories mentioned, and promote and play live. Thank you so much for your support, and for liking our music, and hope to see you all soon!

TVGEN: Thanks for joining us tonight. Good luck during your stay stateside, and with the your new release, TALK ON CORNERS.

TVGOer: And we'd like to thank everyone who joined us tonight and sent in questions. See you again soon.

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