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The Corrs Chat:
The Corrs: Hi! How's it going?

CelebrityContactOrganization: Could you explain your style of music and what it means to you?

The Corrs: Caroline: It's hard to explain unless you listen to the album. It's a mixture of rock, pop and traditional elements.

manolis_varnassinger: Do you have a lot of friends from other bands or artists or there is this big competition?

The Corrs: Andrea: We don't find competition at all. We've never felt that, no.

The Corrs: Caroline: We know U2 pretty well.

The Corrs: Sharon: The Chieftains, of course.

The Corrs: Andrea: We meet people here and there.

BuffaloNY_Corrs: What does Ireland think of your success here in the states?

The Corrs: Sharon: They're extremely happy. They're very proud of us in Ireland. Well, they turn up for our gigs!

manolis_varnassinger: Are you all hanging out together when you are on a tour?

The Corrs: Andrea: Well, it's kind of inevitable, really.

The Corrs: Sharon: Yeah, we do still get along, we do.

AnnIslay: What is your schedule for summer?

The Corrs: Sharon: We're leaving NY for Madrid to record our third album this summer and play some festivals. You'd recognize the new music as Corrs, we haven't gone heavy metal! We haven't' decided what direction it will go in yet.

CelebrityContactOrganization: Tell us about your remix album?

The Corrs: Jim: A remix takes a song in a direction that you wouldn't expect all the time. We weren't sure about it at first, but the remix took it in a very fresh direction. There were one or two versions that we didn't think would work. 9 times out of 10 we really liked the remixes.

cutencurvy17: What kind of music did you listen to when you were growing up?

The Corrs: Caroline: We listened to everything. We listened to Prince, Crowded House, stuff our parents played. The Corrs: Jim: Slayer, Metallica . ..

The Corrs: Caroline: Anything on the charts at the time . . .

The Corrs: Sharon: We listened to the Chieftains . . . some local musicians.

huckleberry58: How long have you been playing your instruments?

The Corrs: Andrea: Our father taught us all piano when we were six years old.

The Corrs: Caroline: I learned drums at age 18.

The Corrs: Jim: I started playing piano as soon as I could reach it, around 3 or4 years old. I started to play guitar when I was 18.

cosmic_egg99: Was your band name really going to be Cosmic Egg?

The Corrs: Andrea: We went through names, it was ridiculous. Cosmic Egg was a joke.

Mariposa7: What will be your next release in the US? Please be "Runaway"

The Corrs: Andrea: We haven't decided yet.

AnnIslay: Are there any songs you've dreamt to do an own version of?

The Corrs: Sharon: We don't think about doing covers very often because we write our own material. We asked to be a part of the tribute album. I don't think any of us have a particular cover we want to do.

The Corrs: Andrea: The La's "There she goes."

CelebrityContactOrganization: In today's music industry, there are so many groups that don't make the big time. Did you get any special breaks that helped you out?

The Corrs: Jim: We certainly did. Jason Flom at Atlantic introduced us to David Foster. Another pivotal moment was when we played with Mick Fleetwood.

The Corrs: Caroline: Without our manager, we wouldn't be this far in our career. We worked hard, too.

manolis_varnassinger: What is your most favourite song from talk on the corners? The Corrs: Sharon: It changes a lot. Queen of Hollywood" is my favorite at the moment.

The Corrs: Jim: IT varies for me all the time. Intimacy" is a great song. :)

SonicNetHost: When was the last time you listened to the record?

The Corrs: Caroline: We haven't listened to the record in a long time.

sweetlikechocolate99: Andrea, what is the situation with Robbie Williams?

The Corrs: Andrea: Robbie is a friend that the press embellished upon. It's not the way it is. He is a friend.

The Corrs: Caroline: Robbie gets a hard time. He's a good friend, a good guy.

jefftcorr: You always seem so serious in these chats, do you ever just flip out and go out on the beer for a weekend ?

The Corrs: Sharon: No! I would never touch the stuff! (lol)

The Corrs: Jim: We're Irish!

The Corrs: Caroline: I don't think we always look serious!

BuffaloNY_Corrs: What is Mick Jagger like to play with?

SonicNetHost: You guys recently toured with the Stones right?

The Corrs: Andrea: It was amazing to play with the stones, we had a great time. They are so brilliant on stage, we wanted to watch them every night. ;)

The Corrs: Caroline: They were nice. It was low-key and very natural, a lot of fun.:)

TOMH400: Did you like the French and Saunders impersonation?

The Corrs: Sharon: It's brilliant.

The Corrs: Caroline: We were at home at dinner when it came on TV. We thought it was complimentary.

Corriel1: Does the song "Queen Of Hollywood" evoke an important thing for Andrea ?

The Corrs: Andrea: Lyrically, it's the opposite of what has happened to us. It's important to see the story of a girl who feels she has something to give. So she goes off to Hollywood and tragic things occur. I imagined the story, the other side of what has happened to us.:) There's both sides.

malmor99: Do you surf the Internet in your spare time?

The Corrs: Jim: I sometimes contribute and correct things. It's bizarre. I can go onto any particular site and see what I'm doing for the next few months!

bazmondo_99: First off, Happy Birthday Andrea for next Monday!! We hear Andrea sing on every song, and recently we've been delighted to hear Sharon and Caroline in the lead vocalist position on No Frontiers. Will we get to hear Jim's voice fairly soon?

The Corrs: Andrea: Thank you!

The Corrs: Jim: I generally sing "Closing Time" and get the punks out fast!

meggy_peg: Where is your favorite place to perform?????

The Corrs: Sharon: Spain is a lot of fun. There are a lot of places. There is a really strong feeling from NY. It's good to play here. We are looking forward to playing in Ireland.

SonicNetHost: You guys have played in many exotic places... like ASIA... tell us about your experiences.

The Corrs: Jim: We are very lucky to be able to travel and experience the world in that way. It's wonderfully educational. We're all the same at the end of the day.

The Corrs: Sharon: We've had a chance to see places several times now, instead of just hotels.

xtrashy: how much did it mean to you to help the people of Omagh?

The Corrs: Sharon: It's one of the best things we have done. We got to raise some money for them. The victims got to speak of their experience. It's important for everyone to know about what has happened. It was a very emotional night, but it was great."

The Corrs: Jim: We're not politicians, we're musicians, but we feel very strongly about protecting the rights of musicians. So we went to Strasbourg to petition. Thankfully, we were told that our presence aided in voting for legislation. We work very hard and we deserve to get paid for what we do.

SonicNetHost: The Corrs recently lobbied the European Parliament on behalf of artists in favor of copyright protection on the Internet.

The Corrs: Jim: MP 3 files are the threat.

SonicNetHost: Let's lighten things up & take some more questions from the audience

manolis_varnassinger: After you wonderful performance on the tv series beverly hills would you make another tv appearance?

The Corrs: Caroline: We're very busy with our music, but 90210 was very enjoyable. We got to play a song on the show, which was great.

The Corrs: Jim: There's a good chance that a couple of our songs will be featured on a popular American sitcom.

samcorr18: What would u have all done if you were not in a band and why?

The Corrs: Caroline: We all worked in bars. We went straight from school into this. I don't know what else we would do. We might have gone on to teach music, but this is tough to beat.

The Corrs: Jim: When you grow up in the type of environment that we grew up in, you are naturally steered. We worked in night clubs, bars, restaurants. I also toyed with the idea of working with electronics, but I didn't, thankfully. Andrea was on the other side of the bar! (lol)

jadunbar: Did your parents help you get to where you are?

The Corrs: Caroline: Our parents influenced and encouraged us to go for music. My father played piano and our mother sang.

SonicNetHost: It was just a constant party right?

raja8_98: What were you like in high school?

The Corrs: Sharon: I didn't work particularly hard in school. I was a bit rebellious.

The Corrs: Andrea: I did all my homework.

The Corrs: Jim: I wasn't a good student. I found the whole schooling process boring. I was distracted by anything. I used to not go to school, we call it mitching.

The Corrs: Caroline: I wanted to get out of school during the last few years, but it was ok. I used to hit people! (lol) Do I look like I hit people?

Jason_Huhn_DS69: How can we keep in touch with you and request for autographs or be friends if you are willing to commit with the fans?

The Corrs: Sharon: We haven't got a fan club set up, so maybe through the Atlantic website. Atlantic will send us your correspondences.

Sharoncorr: Jim next time you're down in Manchester can I buy you a drink?

The Corrs: Jim: Wow. If that's her real name . . .Sure, why not? We'll go out for coffee.

glyn_furlong: Are you all looking forward to playing at the City In The Park event in Nottingham at the end of the month?

The Corrs: Sharon: We are really looking forward to that.

SonicNetHost: What other festivals are you doing?

The Corrs: Jim: Glastonbury. We're playing with Celine, Nottingham, We're mainly going to be concentrating on writing the new album. Some days can be very stressful, it's like a valve . . .we start laughing!

Becksssss: We loved the duet Sharon and Caroline did on tour, any plans to release it?

The Corrs: Caroline: It's not our song, so, no.

The Corrs: Sharon: It's written by Jimmy McCarthy. We've always loved the song, so we covered it on stage in the UK.

minniecsantosmd: You are touted to be the "nicest" group around in the music industry. What keeps you grounded?

The Corrs: Andrea: Weights.

catey99_98: Still coming to Sydney for New Years Eve,Caro? :)

The Corrs: Caroline: I'm definitely coming, yes, for the millenium. I'll be there for Christmas day, and a while after that.

The Corrs: Sharon: I'll just spend it with friends. Might have a drink. Guinness!

The Corrs: Andrea: Guinness!

EvyCaluwe: I am going to Ireland next year, is it true that in every pub an public place people are playing instruments?

The Corrs: Sharon: It is pretty much like that, yeah.

Patrik_28: Where is your favourite place to do nothing? Sleep late, take it easy and don't do nothing.

The Corrs: Jim: When we get back to Ireland, we have our own places. That's our sanctuary. I want to get out and party. Socialize.

The Corrs: Caroline: Do nothing.

glyn_furlong: Sharon & Caroline - will we get to hear you sing more on the next album - you both have terrific voices!

The Corrs: Caroline: It would be difficult for Andrea and I to sing lead while on stage.

vixenized: What do you think of B*Witched?

The Corrs: Jim: Lovely lovely girls.

The Corrs: Andrea: We're delighted with them.

CelebrityContactOrganization: What CD's are in your CD player right now? The Corrs: Jim: I'm listening to The Car's greatest hits.

The Corrs: Sharon:: Lenny Kravitz.

The Corrs: Caroline: Neil Young's "Harvest."

The Corrs: Sharon: I last listened to Radiohead.

fmlegacy: What was it like to sing with Pavarotti?

The Corrs: Sharon: It was very nerve wracking, we had to sing in Italian.It was amazing because his voice was so powerful, the ground was shaking.The Spice Girls were there as well.

SonicNetHost: You guys have met the Pope right?

The Corrs: Caroline: Meeting the Pope was the most amazing thing.

vixenized: What do you guys think about the Columbine shooting here? Was it a big news in Ireland?

The Corrs: Sharon: We were horrified. I don't understand why this type of thing is happening. Something needs to be done. It's too frequent.

The Corrs: Caroline: No one should be carrying guns. It's ludicrous that anyone beside law enforcement would have access to guns.

The Corrs: Jim: There has to be a very serious debate on the use of gratuitous violence in films. Video games like "Doom," the shooters were heavy users of this game. You create your own world, your own hell in this game. At the end of the day, it's not a healthy thing for kids to be indulging in.

huckleberry58: Do you get homesick when you go on tours?

The Corrs: Sharon: All the time. I've found myself crying. I was watching "Blossom" and started crying when I saw a reference to Ireland on the show!

The Corrs: Andrea: I think it was maybe the altitude.

Bodhram: How did it feel the first time that you heard a single on the radio and where were you?

The Corrs: Jim: In San Diego.

The Corrs: Caroline: We still go, "Oh, cool, it's our song!" It still gives us a buzz.

The Corrs: Sharon: It's wonderful, we're really happy about it.

The Corrs: Goodnight!

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